Chaos String Quartet © Andrej Grilc
Eugene Hartzell und seine Vorbilder
Chaos String Quartet
Arnold Schönberg Center
Thursday, 19 October 2023
6.30 pm
Chaos String Quartet © Andrej Grilc

Chaos String Quartet
   Susanne Schäffer violin
   Eszter Kruchió
   Sara Marzadori viola
   Bas Jongen violoncello

Thoughts on Eugene Hartzell: Christian Heindl in conversation with John Nicholson

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART Streichquartett F-Dur KV 168
Eugene HARTZELL String Quartet
Alban BERG Lyrische Suite

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A good fifty years separate Alban Berg's Lyric Suite from Eugene Hartzell's String Quartet of 1979. In addition to the free application of the twelvetone method Schönberg developed in 1923, the two composers share a markedly expressive musical language and a commitment to Viennese Classicism, the roots of which are fully evident even in the earlier works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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