The Arnold Schönberg Center is a contributing institution to the international Shared History Project “1700 Years of Jewish Life in German-speaking Lands" initiated by the Leo Baeck Institute in New York.”

Shedding light on the long history of Jewish life in German-speaking areas and presenting German-Jewish voices that have shaped this rich cultural heritage over the centuries, the Shared History Project communicates important messages about migration, acceptance, inclusion, acculturation, prejudice, exclusion, persecution, success, and resilience in order to make an important contribution against ignorance, increasing distortion of history and growing antisemitism with the help of historical facts and dissemination of knowledge.

The goal of the Shared History Project is to convey the relevance of historical events to the present and make history useful in educational settings and intercultural contexts. Furthermore, the project also aims to contribute an educational resource that uses objects to teach history while countering historical ignorance and distortions of history.

The Shared History Project will use 58 objects presented chronologically to create a multifaceted historical narrative. From the earliest evidence of a Jewish presence in the Roman provinces of the Rhineland to contemporary Germany and Austria, the project tells the story of the complex coexistence of Jews and non-Jews in German-speaking lands over 1,700 years. Each object will illustrate the ways in which Jewish history and everyday life was and still is deeply interwoven with the peoples, regions, and countries of Central Europe.”

(Editorial Leo Baeck Institute)

Arnold Schönberg will participate in the project as one of the leading representatives of Jewish cultural history of Austria-Hungary and Germany, with an object on the opera "Moses und Aron" (to be published on September 26, 2021, with an essay by Therese Muxeneder).

Link: Shared History Project