The new issue of the Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center sees a relaunch of our academic publication series with regard to its concept and visual appearance.

Published annually, the journal will now also offer the opportunity for independent authors to publish articles alongside selected contributions from the most recent symposium at the Arnold Schönberg Center. The aim is to create a yearbook that remains at the forefront of current research and regularly provides insights into the inexhaustible topic “Arnold Schönberg”.

The main content of the book is printed in the familiar design of the Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center which was created by the Viennese graphic design office Bohatsch und Partner and uses the sans serif typeface DTL Argo. With high-quality color illustrations of items from the archives such as manuscripts and photographs, as well as numerous music examples, the visual image and content of the Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center are special highlights. The inside of the book is printed on the high-quality and environmentally friendly paper Munken Polar Rough with a grammage of 120 g/m2 and an uncoated, tactile surface.

The cover design is also striking: inspired by Arnold Schönberg’s color crescendo from the drama with music Die glückliche Hand, Walter Bohatsch has developed a new cover concept. Each of the 12 colors mentioned by Schönberg in the score is combined with two contrasting colors and forms the basis for the next 12 issues in connection with selected portrait photographs of Schönberg. Schönberg’s instructions have been translated into visual values that are also found as spot colors in a less intense form in the book – for example in the tables.

“The crescendo in the lighting begins with a dull, reddish light that turns to brown and then into a dirty green. This develops into a dark blue-gray, followed by violet. An intense dark red breaks away; after reaching blood red it becomes increasingly brighter and more glaring by blending in ever more orange and then bright yellow, until finally only a yellow, glaring light remains. The yellow light then changes into a pale bluish, mild (mellow) light.”

Arnold Schönberg:
Die glückliche Hand op. 18
Color crescendo

Color crescendo interpreted by Walter Bohatsch und Partner

In order to achieve optimum color reproduction on the cover, the paper Opale Premier Wove Pure White Shimmer was chosen as its interspersed glitter particles allow a powerfully reflective cover together with a matt surface feel.

Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center 12/2015
Edited by Eike Feß and Therese Muxeneder
in cooperation with Dennis Gerlach
No. of pages: 336
Printing: 4c
Price: € 34



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