The pandemic has permanently changed the way we experience culture. Online events have become a reliable, widely accepted alternative for concert halls. However, digital offerings cannot replace the live experience for audiences or performers.

Arnold Schönberg's pictorial œuvre comprises approximately 350 work numbers. A majority of the paintings, drawings and designs were created in Vienna between 1906 and 1911: self-portraits, portraits, impressions and fantasies, caricatures, nature pieces, as well as studies and figurines for stage works.

Between December 29, 1936 and January 8, 1937, the Kolisch Quartet made a complete recording of Arnold Schönberg’s string quartets. At cost price, selected persons, including Jascha Heifetz and George Gershwin, purchased one of the 25 sets with 23 records each. On March 14, the Arnold Schönberg Center will broadcast Schönberg's 4th String Quartet, op. 37, with digital copies of recordings from its own collection.

The Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Center presents selected papers of the symposium held at the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna in October 2019. One focus was a one-day roundtable on sketching in Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, and Alban Berg on the threshold of atonality and during the transition to twelve-tone composing.

Please find enclosed some of the reviews published to date. You will observe that besides the utmost goodwill shown towards your creative work, opposition is still widespread.” (Emil Gutmann concert bureau to Arnold Schönberg, October 11, 1912)