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News News Reprint of »Style and Idea« (1950) published

Reprint of »Style and Idea« (1950) published

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2010 marks the 60th anniversary of the first publication of Arnold Schönberg’s collection of essays, Style and Idea, edited by his student Dika Newlin.  The Philosophical Library has now reprinted this early edition in its exact entirety, released this May. 

 The collection includes a representative array of articles by Schönberg, most of which date from the 1940’s.  This period coincides with Newlin’s studies with Schönberg at UCLA, and, undoubtedly, Schönberg had some hand in the English realization of his essays in this volume.  Included in the original and reprint are two essays, “To the Wharfs,” and “A Dangerous Game,” which are absent from Leonard Stein’s more comprehensive 1975 version of Style and Idea.  Schönberg conceived numerous articles in both German and English, and developed a signature style in each language.  While a portion of the articles in this 1950 version were originally penned by Schönberg in English, Newlin was one of the first to publish translations of his German articles.  Newlin, in this edition, makes it her explicit goal to “adhere as literally to the original style as English usage allows. Thus there should be a certain consistency of expression between these and the later essays which were written in English but which still bear the earmarks of Schönberg’s individual German style.”  This edition encompasses the pedagogical, theoretical, and discursive aspects of Schönberg’s intellectual output.  Thus, this reprint offers the contemporary scholar a classic take on a set of enduring articles by Schönberg.