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Aufnahmedatum: 1949 May 13
Dauer: 0:59
Beschreibung: Letter in English. On writing an article for Ediciones Mexicanas de Mexico.
Signatur: 101/R7
Publikationen: keine


[The italicized portion is missing from the recording, ed.]
Arnold Schoenberg
116 N. Rockingham Avenue
Los Angeles, California
May 13, 1949

[inaudible] Mr. Halffter (no, this is the title [?])
Ediciones Mexicanas in de Musica
Madero eje Oriente 715
(Antes Avehida Juarez 18)
Mexico, D.F.

Dear Mr. Halffter and Mr....


SCHOENBERG: and Galindo.... Dear Señores Halffter and Galindo:
Thank you very much for your invitation to write an article for your interesting music magazine. I consider doing this as soon as it is possible but if I would not have done it, let us say, in four to five weeks, then please would you remind me again, because it's my intention to do it and only because of other business I might forget it.
I am very sincerely and cordially, yours,
Arnold Schoenberg

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