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V079: Amerika

Pinguin Film, VHS (NTSC), color, in German and English (no subtitles), 3:00:00.

Time Description
0:00 Beginning of Program 1, "Hysterie einer Eroberung"
2:00 Footage of Beatles performing "I saw her standing there"
3:10 Tour group visiting Elvis's home in TN, scenes of Graceland, recording of "Love me tender"
6:45 Footage of Elvis singing "You ain't nothing but a hound dog"
7:40 Interview
8:30 Footage of Little Richard singing "Night train"
10:00 Footage of the Rolling Stones (?) singing "It's all over now"
11:30 Interview
11:40 Footage of the Beatles performing "Roll over Beethoven"
12:15 Footage of Chuck Berry performing "Johnny be good"
13:15 Interview
14:10 Beatles perform "Please please me"
15:55 Dvorák's New World Symphony, interviewer discusses Dvorák's interest in music by black Americans
17:25 Footage of Duke Ellington; interview
19:25 "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"
20:15 Photos of Henry Cowell accompanied by his music
21:00 Interview with someone discussing Marcel Duchamp in German
21:55 Scenes from San Francisco's downtown
23:00 French artists who gathered in New York during WWI
23:50 "Marcel Duchamp, John Cage. Discs, Nudes Descending a Staircase, 1947"
24:30 "Man Ray, Darius Milhaud. Ruth, Roses and Revolvers"
25:25 "Max Ernst, Paul Bowles. Desire"
26:25 Pierre Boulez conducting
27:30 Group rehearsing Varese's Ionization
28:20 Interview with Frank Zappa (?) discussing his album, Suzy Creamcheese, interspersed with footage from various performances
32:00 Footage of a Jimi Hendrix concert in Britain
34:00 Film music recording studio, orchestra recording
36:10 Interviewee discusses European émigrés who became film composers, including Korngold
36:55 Footage from Robin Hood
38:05 Footage from Laura
38:30 Interview with David Raksin, who composed the score to Laura; footage from the film
42:00 Photos of Charlie Chaplin; Carribean song plays in background
44:30 End of Part 1
45:10 Beginning of Part 2, "Verlorene Unschuld"
46:50 Dancers dancing to Stravinsky's Petrushka; Egyptian-style film with dancers
47:50 Eiffel Tower
48:30 Early b/w films; jazz dancer; jazz combo performance
50:30 Interview
51:15 Swing band
51:35 Interview
52:00 Early jazz performers; urban scenes; theater interiors
56:45 Interview, discussing Milhaud and the influence of jazz on western art music
58:10 More footage of early jazz performances, posters, photos, etc.
58:45 Interview, discusses Debussy ("Golliwog's Cakewalk") and others working in Paris in 1920s
1:01:15 Posters of Satie; various European art music plays in background
1:02:45 Interview with Ernst Krenek in his Mödling apartment; he discusses his Jonny spielt auf
1:03:40 Footage from the opera
1:04:00 More jazz and posters; interview
1:04:50 Steamboat; interview; scenes of New Orleans and its jazz clubs
1:09:50 Interviewer discusses European roots of American jazz
1:11:15 New Orleans funeral, interview
1:13:50 Orchestra performing Ives; interview
1:16:45 Interview, discussion of Ives
1:17:35 Orchestra performing Ives
1:18:20 Leonard Bernstein conducts an orchestra
1:20:00 Posters of Mahler's engagement at the New York Met
1:21:30 Interview with Zemlinsky's widow (?); she discusses his early experiences with Schoenberg
1:24:30 Interview
1:25:15 Jazz performers; interview
1:27:45 Footage of the Supremes
1:29:00 Carribean music closes the program
1:30:30 End of Part 2
1:31:05 Beginning of Part 3, "Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung"
1:32:30 Street performers in New York's Grand Central Station
1:34:00 Reggae performers; German interviewed regarding rap
1:36:30 Rappers, street musicians; interview
1:40:00 Cellist duet; interview with a composer; clips from his works (?)
1:43:40 Work for prepared piano, photos of Cage; interviews with an American and with a Japanese composer speaking German
1:45:00 Footage of Cage
1:49:00 Performance art; interview with Japanese composer
1:52:00 Interview with LaMonte Young
1:53:40 Footage of The Velvet Underground from November 1965; interview, Young discusses compositional process with Lou Reed
1:56:00 Another group performs, interview
1:59:00 Interview with Brazilian guitarist; another interview; guitarist is joined by a Viennese violinist
2:03:30 Interview with violinist and with string bass player
2:05:00 Street percussionist; interview
2:07:00 Saxophonist; interview
2:08:30 Footage from Jazz Fest Wien, music videos
2:11:50 Punk bands, Sex Pistols, person interviews mocks them and all British bands
2:14:00 Carribean music closes the show
2:15:00 End of Program 3
2:16:00 Beginning of Program 4, "Reise ohne Wiederkehr"
2:17:00 Tap dancers
2:18:45 Pianist playing rag
2:19:35 Footage from An American in Paris; tap dancers
2:20:30 Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue performed in the Musikverein (Vienna), photos of Alban Berg
2:23:30 Orchestra performs Ravel's Bolero in the Musikverein
2:24:50 Photos of Schoenberg, footage of the Malibu party  home movies (see V034)
2:25:30 Interview with David Raksin discussing his experience as Schoenberg's pupil, Schoenberg's meeting with Charlie Chaplin, their association with Oscar Levant
2:26:35 Footage of house on Rockingham and study replica at the Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Verklärte Nacht plays in background
2:28:00 Footage from Straub's film of Moses und Aron (see V010); interview with Raksin discussing Schoenberg's experience with Irving Thalberg over The Good Earth
2:31:30 Jazz performers; interviews
2:43:00 Klezmer band, photos of Jewish musicians
2:46:30 Native American singers
2:48:30 Reggae singers; interview
2:50:30 Cajun music; interview with an accordion player; interview, discussion of Zydeco music
2:53:30 Footage of Canray Fontenot, Zydeco violinist; interview, discusses popularity of Zydeco music in Europe
Footage of New Orleans; Carribean music closes program
3:00:15 End of Program 4