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V077 (& RCA Victor 60851-6-RC):
The Visions of Adrian Marthaler: Classic Visions 3: Mozart, Schoenberg

RCA Victor Red Seal, color, 50:44.

Laserdisc, 60851-6-RC, 50:44.
VHS (NTSC), 60851-3-RC, 50:44.
VHS (NTSC), BMG Music, 21:24. -- Portions only, plus additional material.

A production of Swiss Television DRS (1991)
Created and directed by Adrian Marthaler
Executive Producer: Armin Brunner
Associate Producers: Rosmarie Meyer, Hans Weber
Performances by: Members of the European Community Youth Orchestra, conducted by James Judd, and the Brodsky Quartet with members of the Basel Symphony Orchestra

Time Visual Music
00:00 Credits  
00:55 "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Eine kleine Nachtmusik, G major, K. 525"
01:00 "Conductor, James Judd"   
01:02 "Members of the European Community Youth Orchestra, ECYO"  
01:10 "Allegro" Rehearsal
05:30 "Romanze, Andante" cont'd
11:23 "Menuetto, Allegretto" cont'd
13:37 "Rondo, Allegro" cont'd
16:34   end of Mozart
16:39 "Arnold Schönberg, Transfigured Night, Opus 4"  
16:45 "Conductor, James Judd"  
16:49 "Brodsky String Sextett, Basel Symphony Orchestra"  
17:00 Man sitting in empty hall with tuba Verklärte Nacht
17:30 Train tracks  
17:50 (Conductor) Judd sitting in station waiting room  
18:10 Tapestry of Franz Joseph, tubist staring at it  
18:39 Brodsky sextet playing in empty train station  
19:15 Pregnant couple pacing near the tracks in front of a Klimt mosaic m. 25, string 
19:45 Orchestra standing in corner of empty hall  
19:50 Sextet on pedestal in train station m. 29, sextet alone
19:57   m. 34, orchestra
20:12 Judd in train station; poster on wall: "Wiener Zeitung. 'Wiener Blut' von Johann Strauß Sohn/6 Monate nach seinem Tod uraufgeführt!"  
20:30 Elderly man staring out open window at train car  
20:47 Sextet on pedestal in train station m. 46, sextet
21:14 Woman crying  
21:23 Sextet  
21:33 String orchestra lined up in hall single-file m. 55, orch.
21:41 Tubist  
22:00 Sextet m. 61, sextet
22:18 Couple pacing in train station  
22:28   m. 67, orchestra
22:40 Orchestra in hall  
22:52 Train station, Schoenberg's self-portraits displayed near the tracks  
22:57   m. 75, sextet
23:03 Sextet  
23:27 Train station; posters: "Giuseppe Verdi in Mailand gestorben!" "Gustav Mahler dirigirt seine erste Symphonie 'Titan': höhnische Proteste!"  
23:49 Tubist, railroad employees m. 95, orch.
23:53 More posters re: Workers' march (1 May), publication of Freud's Traumdeutung, Theodor Herzl's meeting with Kaiser Wilhelm   
24:04 Large naked women in train station (m. 100, resolution of dim. 7 chord to major 6/4)   
24:18   m. 102, sextet
24:33 Sextet  
25:17 Couple in train station  
25:32 Tubist  
25:45 Jugenstil poster: "Die Kunst für Alle" m. 124, orch.
25:50 Poster re: Mahler's "Titan"  
25:59 Display of Karl Kraus's "Die Fackel" and "Die demolirte Litteratur"  
26:09 Orchestra sitting around hall, young woman with boy, Judd, sinister violinist, bearded Jewish Orthodox man  
27:27 Sextet m. 153, sextet
27:46 Crying woman, young couple in tennis togs  
28:03 Couple embracing in train station m. 169, orch.
28:15 Judd conducting to himself in train station waiting room  
28:25 Tired government officials  
28:37 Newspaper poster: "Katharina Schratt: Schauspielerin am Burgtheater bleibt die Geliebte von Kaiser Franz Joseph!"  
28:49 Elderly man in front of open window  
29:20 Tubist  
29:33   m. 188, sextet
30:04 One-legged man on crutches  
30:33 Sextet  
30:46 Schoenberg self-portraits in train station m. 201, orch.
31:45 Sextet from orchestra playing in hall m. 212, sextet
31:50 AS self-portrait  
31:56 Orchestra sextet, AS self-portraits  
32:10 Judd in waiting room m. 216, orch.
32:27 Large naked women m. 219, sextet
32:54 Brodsky sextet  
33:20 Pregnant couple in train station m. 229, orch.
33:50 Train car  
33:55   m. 236, sextet
34:03 Sextet  
35:12 Train station with hospital beds and nurse  
35:22   m. 251, orch.
35:37 Young boy with toys  
35:47 Older woman pretending to play musical saw (?), following solo violin line mm. 255-259  
36:01 Young boy and his mother  
36:19 Older woman  
36:35 Judd in train station standing in front of Klimt ptg of pregnant woman  
36:50 Tubist looking at opera poster for Tristan und Isolde  
37:05 Bored Beamten m. 270, sextet
37:24 Sextet  
37:40 Two orchestral musicians in hall  
38:01 Newspaper posters: "Wien ist die fünfgrößte Stadt der Welt! Hotel Sacher: die beste Küche Europas!" and "Bürgermeister Dr. Karl Lueger eröffnet das erste städtische Gaswerk!"  
38:09 Traveling couple waiting in station, tubist  
38:37 Judd next to poster "Wiener Rundschau: Arthur Schnitzler veröffentlicht Der Reigen im Privatdruck"  
38:43 Tubist  
39:00 Pregnant couple at train station m. 294, orch.
39:23 Judd, clock, tubist, train tracks  
39:58 Orchestral musicians playing, milling around the room, train station  
40:47 Jugendstil posters in train waiting room: "Wiener Rundschau: Ernst Mach: 'Das ich ist keine substantielle Einheit.' Das Verhältnis des Physischen zum Psychischen." and "Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit!" Various people waiting at the station, sheet-covered body on the tracks.  
42:25   m. 345, sextet
42:45 Sextet  
42:59 Tubist  
43:10 Franz Joseph tapestry, orchestra, boy and mother m. 352, orchestra
44:30 Elderly man in front of open window m. 366, sextet
44:56 Sextet  
45:34 Train station waiting hall  
46:18   m. 385, orchestra
46:30 Orchestra  
46:50 Train tracks  
47:04 Large naked women  
47:20 Sextet  
47:35   m. 397, sextet
48:00 Pregnant couple in train station, tubist waiting by tracks m. 401, orchestra
48:55 Woman dancing in waiting room hall, Judd, crying tubist, sextet m. 407, sextet
50:44 End