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V075: Vienna 1900: Recollections of a Viennese Girl in Paris

Antenne 2/RM Arts co-production in association with the Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, VHS (NTSC), color (1986) 53:00.

Directed by Jean-Louis Fournier

Time Description
0:00 Credits
0:50 Model of Vienna
1:15 Karl Marx Hof
1:40 Johann Strauss's Kaiserwalzer, painting of Strauss soiree
2:15 Introduction to character "Anna", born in Budapest but a French citizen; she finds similarities between Vienna and Paris
3:30 Footage of Prater parade: flowers, horses, carriages
4:30 Photos of urban Vienna
5:15 Schoenberg's painting, Christus-Vision (Kopf)
5:25 Kokoschka (?) painting, eyes
5:50 Sculptures of Franz Joseph, quartet playing Strauss waltzes
7:00 Painting of Karl Lueger
7:40 Beginnings of modernism: Schoenberg, Loos, Freud, Klimt, Kraus
8:20 Footage of funeral; quote from Stephan Zweig
9:30 Sculpture of naked man
10:00 Otto Wagner's Österreichische Postsparkasse, music-AS's Op. 11, no. 2
11:45 Footage of fin-de-siécle Vienna: streetcars, Ringstrasse
12:50 Café Linke Wienzeile, Café Griensteidl, CaféCentral, explanation of the café culture
14:30 Couple waltzing
14:45 Busts of old men; model of Vienna
16:00 Oppositions in Vienese architecture; scenes of Ring buildings
17:40 Klimt's painting of the old Burgtheater (and its audience)
18:10 More Klimt paintings: portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer, Judith
19:00 Otto Wagner designs: buildings on the linke Wienzeile, Kirche am Steinhof
22:20 Quartet playing in Kapuzinergruft
24:15 Funeral procession
24:45 Quotes from a book by Hermann Bahr
25:30 Sigmund Freud's office and home
27:50 Waltzing couple; sculpture of naked man
29:00 Schiele painting
30:30 Klimt's Beethoven frieze, music-Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
35:30 Klimt's "The Kiss"
36:00 Schiele's "The Embrace"
36:50 Naked man sculpture; waltzing couple
37:30 More Otto Wagner designs, cityscapes: Karlsplatz station
38:50 Funeral; interiors; quote by Egon Friedell
40:00 Wiener Werkstätte furniture and home furnishings; music-AS's Op. 11, no. 2; quote by Hermann Bahr
44:25 Building exteriors: Loos Haus
45:35 Kokoschka (?) portrait of Loos
46:25 Loos gravestone
47:00 Model of Vienna
47:50 Waltzing couple
48:00 Kokoschka portrait of Schoenberg
48:20 Schoenberg's Blue Self-Portrait (1910)
48:30 Schoenberg's Self-Portrait, back view (1911)
48:40 Schoenberg gravestone
48:50 Photo of Gustav Mahler, footage of Vienna, poster against Krenek's Jonny spielt auf
49:30 Funeral procession, burial of Franz Joseph; music-Mahler
Naked man sculpture
51:45 Klimt paintings
53:00 Credits roll against background of Schoenberg self-portrait (back view)
53:30 End