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V055: Schönberg in Amerika

Bayrische Rundfunk, U-Matic (NTSC) (2 copies), color (1983), in German, 43:27.

Film by Eva Hassencamp

Time Description
00:00 Schoenberg photo, credits, Schoenberg speaking
1:30 Piano Concerto, AS composing and conducting
2:25 Scenes of Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Voice-over describes AS's trip to America and attempts to earn a living
3:00 Photo of Arnold, Gertrud and Nuria Schoenberg
3:15 Photo of Canyon Cove house
3:20 Photos of AS as child, young man. Voice-over describes his early development
4:20 Photos of Vienna, AS's students
4:45 Posters of concerts
5:00 Photos of AS
5:45 Paintings by AS, voice-over describes artistic development, friendship with Kandinsky
7:24 Photo, AS in 1935, scenes of UCLA, Rockingham house
8:20 Interviews with Nuria Schoenberg-Nono, and Lawrence and Ronald Schoenberg in Rockingham house. Recollections of the "Gentlemen's Club" and the "Ladies' Club"
12:00 Scenes of Arnold Schoenberg Institute at USC, description of the collection
14:30 Introduction to Leonard Stein, lecture and performance
17:00 Photo of AS, first performance of 4th string quartet. Leonard Stein introduces the 3rd movement
17:54 beginning of 4th string quartet, 3rd mvmt. Performed by the Sequoia String Quartet
20:45 Serge Hovey home movies (Malibu party)
21:10 Photos of AS with various friends
21:30 AS playing tennis (home movies)
21:50 Photo of Gertrud, interview with Nuria Nono re: the Schoenbergs' departure from Germany, the relationship between Gertrud and Arnold Schoenberg
23:50 Interview with Martha Feuchtwanger
25:58 Home movies of Thomas Mann (Malibu party)
26:05 Photos of AS, story of Doktor Faustus incident
26:44 Interview with Jakob Gimpel, pianist
29:14 Leonard Stein discussing the Ode to Napoleon, op. 39, and A Survivor from Warsaw, op. 46. Rehearsal of the Ode with Sprechstimme.
34:00 Scenes of concentration camp, ghetto (Survivor from Warsaw)
35:45 Photos of AS late in life
36:15 Leonard Stein rehearsing the Phantasy for Violin, op. 47, performance of the opening
40:00 Photo of AS
41:15 Interview with Nuria Nono
41:40 Interview with Albert Olson, composer, discussing the teaching of 12-tone composition
Photos of AS
43:00 Credits
43:33 End
Note:   AS=Arnold Schoenberg