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V044: Viktor Ullmann: Kulturszene

Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), aired 12 January 1995, color, 5:30

Time Description
0:00 Newscast on composer Victor Ullmann; begins in mid sentence
0:50 Footage of Nazi rallies, discussion of degenerate music 
1:18 Footage of Ullmann's opera, Der Sturz des Anti-Christ (1995 production, Bielfeld)
1:30 Footage of Prague, 1935-date of composition
1:50 Photo of Arnold Schoenberg, Ullmann's teacher, conducting in Berlin
2:00 Footage of Nazi rally, Hitler youth, anti-Semitic grafitti
2:20 Scenes from Ullmann's opera (1995)
Interview with Alexander Gruber, director
2:50 Footage of deportation to camps, Prague ghetto
3:25 Photos of Ullmann autographs composed in Theresienstadt
3:25 Nazi propaganda film of life in Theresienstadt
3:45 Scenes from Ullmann's opera (1995)
4:10 Scenes of Theresienstadt concerts (Nazi film)
4:35 Scenes of concentration camp (Auschwitz)
5:15 Ullmann's opera (1995)
5:30 End