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V043: Five Orchestral Pieces

Allegri Film, VHS (PAL) (2 copies), color (1994), 54:00.

Directed by Frank Scheffer
Produced by Ton van der Lee

Netherlands Radio Philharmonic
Conducted by Michael Gielen

Credits listed at end.

Time Description Music
00:00 Credits, "Five Orchestral Pieces", Schoenberg's study Op. 16, I.
00:43 I. Paintings, orchestra performing cont'd.
02:08 Interview with conductor Michael Gielen, discussion of I.  
02:50 Photo of AS cont'd.
03:05 Interview with pianist Charles Rosen, discussing emotion in AS's works  
04:13 Gielen rehearsing I. with orchestra cont'd.
05:32 Rosen discussing dramatic tension in I.  
06:07 II. scenes of Vienna, footage of AS with the Kolisch quartet II.
07:30 Interview with Carl E. Schorske, discussion of op. 10  
08:50 Klimt paintings cont'd.
09:35 AS's playing cards, Schorske, childhood photos of AS cont'd
10:44 Gielen conducting cont'd.
11:25 Interview with Gielen, discussing atonality  
12:19 AS's desk, writing instruments, portrait of JS Bach cont'd.
12:56 III. Gielen conducting orchestra III.
13:37 Rosen discussing III.  
15:20 Close-ups of AS's paintings cont'd.
15:45 Gielen discussing timbre in Schoenberg and Webern  
16:49 AS's desk, book-binding equipment cont'd.
17:15 Orchestra cont'd.
17:34 Rosen on experimentation in the arts  
18:25 Paintings cont'd.
19:48 IV. AS's paintings IV.
20:50 Schorske on the artist and the "plunge into the self"  
21:40 AS's desk cont'd.
22:05 Gielen speaking about IV. and V.  
22:22 Clouds (suggesting the War Clouds Diaries) cont'd.
23:40 Orchestra cont'd.
24:20 Rosen on dissonance, playing op. 11, no. 3 op. 11/3
27:17 V. Orchestra op. 16, V.
27:50 Gielen discussing V.  
28:56 Gielen rehearsing with the orchestra cont'd.
30:20 Rosen  
31:07 Orchestra cont'd.
31:45 Gielen discussing compositions of 1909  
32:15 Orchestra cont'd.
33:05 Schorske quoting Goethe and discussing Viennese modernism  
34:07 I.. Orchestra (complete performance) I.
36:36 II. AS's desk, orchestra, footage of AS with Kolisch quartet, Salzburg II.
III. Lake, orchestra III.
45:15 IV. Orchestra, clouds IV.
47:24 V. Orchestra, individual instruments V.
51:35 Credits  
53:30 End  
Note: AS=Arnold Schoenberg  


Netherlands Radio Philharmonic
Conducted by Michael Gielen
Opus 11 played by Charles Rosen

Scenario by Frank Scheffer
Directed by Frank Scheffer
Produced by Ton van der Lee