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V035: My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg

Toronto, Canada: Rhombus Media, 1992.

VHS (NTSC) color, 81:57. In English with German subtitles
VHS (NTSC) color, 81:57. In German with English subtitles


Arnold Schoenberg's "Home Movies
Critics' Voices 
- Strauss, Emperor's Waltz 
- Transfigured Night, op. 4 
- String quartet no. 2, op. 10 
- 5 Orchestra pieces, op. 16 (I, II, III) 
- 6 Little piano pieces, op. 19 (1, 4, 6)
Performers (cont'd.) 
- Pierrot lunaire, op. 21 
- Erwartung, op. 17 
- Gurre-Lieder 
- "The Iron Brigade" 
- Phantasy, op. 47 
- "Oh, du lieber Augustin" 
- "Die Berliner Luft" from "Frau Luna" 

Time Visual Music
0:00 AS photo (voice over)  
1:00 Credits Gurre-Lieder (beginning)
2:45 Michael Tilson Thomas conducting Gurre-Lieder  cont'd.
3:14 "Vienna 1923", photo of Burgtheater cont'd.
  Voice over of Egon Wellesz, then interview with him standing in the Kunsthistorisches Museum cont'd.
3:28 Salka Viertel cont'd.
3:35 Alban Berg in his study at home cont'd.
3:45 Orchestra cont'd.
3:55 Roberto Gerhard in Loos's Postal Savings Bank cont'd.
4:10 Wassily Kandinsky in a living room cont'd.
4:34 Orchestra cont'd.
4:55 "Musikverein, Vienna," interior, empty concert hall cont'd.
5:05 AS photo with voice over cont'd.
5:30 AS looking out window Gurre-Lieder ends at rehearsal 9
6:08 Film of Vienna street scene  
  "Johann Strauss Jr.'s The Emperor's Waltz, arranged by Arnold Schoenberg" Emperor's Waltz, AS arr.
6:20 Photo, Pauline Nachod with Arnold and Heinrich, voice over of Hans Nachod cont'd.
6:28 "Hans Nachod, Tenor," interview in Musikverein concert hall cont'd.
6:36 Wellesz cont'd.
6:45 Vienna street scenes, Prater. AS voice over cont'd.
7:26 "David Josef Bach, Musicologist/Friend of Schoenberg," interview in the Prater cont'd.
7:45 Photo of AS as young man cont'd.
7:50 Street scenes, AS voice over cont'd.
8:10 Photo of AS and Zemlinsky cont'd.
8:15 Interview with Zemlinsky in Theater in der Josefstadt [?] cont'd.
8:42 "Alma Mahler, Friend of Schoenberg," interview with Alma Mahler in CaféCentral cont'd.
8:57 Photo of AS playing cello cont'd.
9:05 Zemlinsky cont'd.
9:14 Nachod cont'd.
9:32 Street scene (Graben, Pestsäule), dance, Opera house cont'd.
9:57 "Egon Wellesz, Composer/Former Schoenberg pupil"  
10:10 "Transfigured Night, op. 4," sextet Op. 4 (beginning)
10:38 Photo of AS, voice over cont'd.
10:48 Sextet cont'd.
11:20 Zemlinsky cont'd.
11:37 Photo of Mahler cont'd.
11:50 Zemlinsky cont'd.
12:00 Sextet cont'd.
12:30 "Erwin Stein, Writer, Schoenberg pupil," interview in the Augustiner Lesesaal of the Nationalbibliothek cont'd.
12:50 Sextet cont'd.
14:00 Painting of Crucifixion [in Lower Belvedere?] cont'd.
14:08 "Felix Greissle, Schoenberg's Son-in-law and Pupil," interview in a living room next to a piano cont'd.
14:23 Mock footage of AS's wedding to Mathilde cont'd.
14:38 "Oskar Kokoschka, Painter," interview in Loos's American Bar cont'd.
14:52 Wedding footage cont'd.
15:07 Sextet Ends at rehearsal E (m. 62)
15:29 "Anton Webern, Composer/Former Schoenberg pupil," interview in living room next to a piano  
15:51 Photo of AS as a young man Op. 9 (beginning)
16:00 Ensemble InterContemporain, Pierre Boulez conducting cont'd.
16:48 Webern cont'd.
17:00 Berg cont'd.
17:15 Ensemble cont'd.
17:35 Alma Mahler cont'd.
17:54 Photo of Gustav Mahler cont'd.
17:59 Interview with Viktor Kruger in Cafe Sperl [?] cont'd.
18:15 Ensemble Ends at rehearsal 22
18:50 Alma Mahler  
19:08 Photo of AS with students, voice over  
19:25 "Roberto Gerhard, Composer/Schoenberg pupil"  
19:45 "Hanns Eisler, Composer/Schoenberg pupil," interview in Cafe Museum [?]  
20:00 "Salka Viertel, Friend of Schoenberg," interview  
20:19 Webern  
20:28 "Piano Piece, op. 11-2," pianist Stefan Vladar Op. 11, no. 2
20:50 "Alban Berg, Composer/Former Schoenberg pupil," interview cont'd.
21:26 Pianist cont'd.
21:50 Gerhard cont'd.
22:13 Pianist cont'd.
22:22 Photo of AS with voice over cont'd.
22:36 Pianist cont'd.
22:45 Caricatures of AS, voice overs of criticisms cont'd.
23:31 Pianist cont'd.
23:42 Kruger cont'd.
24:09 Pianist Ends m. 28
25:00 Wellesz  
25:17 Paintings by AS Op. 10, mvt. 4 (starting 4 bars before rehearsal 20)
25:44 Quartet and soprano Arleen Auger cont'd.
25:56 Paintings/players cont'd.
26:34 Mock footage of AS and family cont'd.
26:58 Paintings/players cont'd.
27:25 Footage cont'd.
27:42 Paintings/players cont'd.
28:14 Greissle cont'd.
28:30 Mock footage of AS and Richard Gerstl cont'd.
28:58 Photo of Traunstein cont'd.
29:05 Greissle cont'd.
29:15 Players/mock footage of Gerstl and Mathilde Schoenberg Ends 2 bars after 80
29:57 "Viktor Kruger, Former Schoenberg pupil," interview  
30:37 Gerstl self-portrait of grinning face Op. 16, mvt. 2
30:40 Empty street cont'd.
31:00 Kruger/paintings cont'd.
31:46 Greissle cont'd.
32:00 Kruger cont'd.
32:30 Woods cont'd.
33:00 Players cont'd.
33:12 Mock footage of AS writing the Testamentsentwurf cont'd.
33:37 Story of Mathilde and Gerstl, voice overs by Greissle, AS, and Kruger cont'd. cont'd.
35:40 Street musician playing hurdy-gurdy and singing "Oh, du lieber Augustin" "Oh, du lieber Augustin"
36:00 Ferris wheel in Prater cont'd.
36:16 Wellesz cont'd.
36:34 Street scene/Kokoschka cont'd.
37:10 Street musician cont'd.
37:40 Street scene, market End
38:05 "String Quartet 2, op. 10," Schoenberg quartet Op. 10, mvt. 2
38:25 Eisler cont'd.
38:29 City scenes cont'd.
38:53 Quartet cont'd.
38:59 Eisler cont'd.
39:07 Quartet/city scenes/AS voice over cont'd.
40:49 Erwin Stein cont'd.
41:28 Quartet Ends 1 bar after rehearsal 220
41:39 Gerhard  
41:53 Stein  
42:17 Tilson Thomas and London SO Op. 16, mvt. 1
42:34 Webern cont'd.
42:55 "Orchestral Piece, Op. 16-1" cont'd.
44:32 Painting/photos/caricatures End
45:00 "Wassily Kandinsky, Painter"  
45:23 Paintings/Kandinsky  
46:58 Staged version of Erwartung intercut with AS's paintings Erwartung  beginning at
rehearsal 90)
51:20 Photo of AS Ends at rehearsal 160
51:42 Coutry scenes, mountains/mock footage of family Op. 16, mvt. 3
53:40 Vienna, Karlskirche cont'd.
53:54 AS's apartment (interior) cont'd.
54:00 Wellesz cont'd.
54:13 Mock footage of AS and Mathilde End
54:55 Alma Mahler  
55:13 Cemetery, Mahler's funeral  
55:49 Pianist/Mahler's grave Op. 19, mvt. 6
56:30 Wellesz/statues cont'd.
56:57 Nationalbibliothek, Opera house, Parliament  
57:20 Vienna, streetcar line (now U6)  
57:56 Move to Berlin, street scenes "Die Berliner Luft"
58:41 Photo of AS  
58:57 "Night from Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21", ensemble conducted by Boulez Op. 21, no. 8
1:00:57 Stein  
1:01:37 "Moon-Drunk from Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21" Op. 21, no. 1
1:03:12 Berg  
1:03:40 Musikverein (interior)  
1:03:59 Wellesz  
1:04:18 Nachod in the Musikverein Gurre-Lieder (beginning at rehearsal 14)
1:06:00 Photo of Gurre-Lieder premiere cont'd.
1:06:32 Nachod Ends near rehearsal 18
1:06:45 "Scandal Concert, March 13, 1913," ensemble conducted by Boulez Op. 9 (beginning at rehearsal 102)
1:07:48 Caricatures/ensemble cont'd. (to end)
1:09:26 Wellesz  
1:09:51 War footage  
1:10:08 War photos "Die eiserne Brigade"
1:11:06 Eisler cont'd.
1:11:24 Footage/photos cont'd.
1:13:20 "The Iron Brigade (1917) written by Arnold Schoenberg for a troop party" cont'd.
1:14:00 Country scenes, lake, mountains End
1:14:30 Photo of AS  
1:14:40 Webern  
1:15:00 Mock footage of AS working on a score Op. 25, Prelude (mm. 1-16)
1:15:46 Pianist Stefan Vladar Op. 25, Intermezzo
1:15:58 Greissle cont'd.
1:16:19 Mock footage of AS and students cont'd.
1:16:38 Stein cont'd.
1:17:00 Wellesz cont'd.
1:17:20 Pianist cont'd.
1:17:45 Webern cont'd.
1:18:00 Photo of AS cont'd.
1:18:09 Pianist cont'd.
1:18:31 Mock footage of students cont'd.
1:18:57 Pianist cont'd.
1:19:50 Credits Op. 47 (mm. 7-33)
1:22:20 End  
Notes: AS = Arnold Schoenberg

Voice of AS:Rudolf Wessely
Egon Wellesz: Hagnot Elischka
Anton Webern: Thomas Sigwald
Viktor Kruger: Erhard Pauer
Erwin Stein: Hannes Gastinger
Roberto Gerhard: Josef Bilous
Alban Berg: Florentin Groll
Alma Mahler: Isabella Gregor
Hans Nachod: Martin Suppan
Felix Greissle: Klaus Rohrmoser
Wassily Kandinsky: Hubert Kramar
Alexander Zemlinsky: Georg Trenkwitz
Hanns Eisler: Peter Faerber
Oskar Kokoschka: Werner Sobotka
Salka Viertel: Adeline Schebesch
David Josef Bach: Michael Bukowski

Arnold Schoenberg's "Home Movies"
AS: Wolfgang Rau
Mathilde: Gabriele Simic
Trudi: Karin Kölbinger
Gerstl: Otto Reitsperger
Minister: Vater Miklas

Critic's Voices
Helmut Rost
Avril MacRory
Michael Dobson
Egon Gravenhorst
Gemma van Zeventer
Erich Winprechtinger

Strauss' Emperor's Waltz
Emile Biessen - flute
Pierre Wandenberg - clarinet
Sepp Grotenhaus - piano
Schoenberg Quartet

Verklärte Nacht, op. 4
Taco Kooistra - cello
Jan Erik van Regteren Altena - viola
Schoenberg Quartet

String quartet no. 2, op. 10
Schoenberg Quartet:
Janneke van der Meer - violin
Wim de Jong - violin
Henk Guittart - viola
Viola de Hoog - cello
Arleen Auger - soprano

Five Orchestra Pieces, op. 16 (I, II, III)

Michael Tilson Thomas and Oliver Knussen, cond.
London Symphony Orchestra

Six little Piano Pieces, op. 19 (1, 4, 6)
Stefan Vladar

Pierrot lunaire, op. 21
Pierre Boulez, conductor
Ensemble InterContemporain
Marianne Pousseur - Sprechstimme

Erwartung, op. 17
Janice Watson, soprano
Oliver Knussen, conductor
London SO

Martin Suppan, tenor
Oliver Knussen, cond.
London SO

"The Iron Brigade"
Schoenberg Quartet
Sepp Grotenhaus - piano

Phantasy, op. 47
Janneke van der Meer - violin
Marja Bon - piano

"Oh, Du lieber Augustin"
Dr. Eberhard Kummer - hurdy-gurdy

"Die Berliner Luft" von "Frau Luna"
Paul Lincke


Director: Larry Weinstein
Producers: Niv Fichman, Larry Weinstein
Editor: David New
Associate Director: Thomas S. Wallner
Director of Photography: Horst Zeidler
Sound by: Onno Scholtze, Philips Classics
Lighting: Franz Morgenstern
Camera: Rolf Schmitt, Gerhard Fleischer
Written by: Larry Weinstein, Thomas Wallner
Associate Producers: Sheena MacDonald, Barbara Willis Sweete
Special Thanks to: Nuria Nono-Schoenberg, Ronald Schoenberg, Lawrence Schoenberg
Television Distribution: Sheena MacDonald, Rhombus International
Produced by: Rhombus Media, ZDF-German Television,
in association with The British Broadcasting Corporation, RTP-Portugal,
and La Sept, TVOntario, ORF, NOS, DRS, BRT, YLE, SVT, Philips Classics Productions