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V034: Home Movies

Non-commercial, silent.
VHS (NTSC), b/w & color, 12:11 (2 copies)
VHS (NTSC), b/w, positive footage of tennis scenes only (9:14-10:19 description)
U-Matic (NTSC), b/w & color, 12:11 (2 copies)
U-Matic (NTSC), b/w, scenes of Salzburg only (7:35-8:53 description). See below for biographies of persons shown.
Time Description
0:00 inside
0:07 flowers
0:08 kittens in teacups
0:36 Arnold Schoenberg at home (backyard of Rockingham house) with Connie (black hair) smoking cigarettes
0:51 unidentified boy
0:52 In Malibu at the home of Serge Hovey, c. 1938
0:52 Unidentified man (curly blonde hair)
1:01 Unidentified man (smoking pipe) and woman (black hair with sunglasses)
1:12 Frank Waters (black hair, sunglasses)
1:20 the Heuttigs (man, black hair, smoking pipe; and wife, black hair, sunglasses) lounging
1:25 Mischa Seligman (young, curly black hair)
1:41 Ira Gershwin (smoking cigar)
1:50 Edwin Hubble (older man, receding hairline, with glasses and without)
1:58 AS, Caroline Fisher (older, glasses), Richard Buhlig (pith helmet)
2:17 AS
2:38 AS, Caroline Fisher, unidentified man (pouring drink)
2:50 AS
3:00 AS, Nuria Schoenberg (child) and maid passing in background
3:08 Unidentified woman (blonde)
3:12 Color footage in Malibu at the home of Serge Hovey
3:12 AS, Richard Buhlig (pith helmet)
AS, Ronald Schoenberg (child), dogs
3:51 Nuria, Ronald, AS
3:57 Nuria
3:59 Nuria with cat
4:06 Dorothy Brett (woman, dark hair) with cat
4:17 Robinson Jeffers (black hair)
4:22 Donnan Jeffers, Robinson Jeffers' son (young, black hair)
4:24 Jeffers (smoking pipe), with 2 sons Donnan and Garth (twins)
4:38 Unidentified man, woman
4:48 Unidentified woman
4:54 Unidentified man (young, black hair)
4:56 Bertrand Russell (white hair, smoking pipe), May Romm and maid in background
5:58 Thomas Mann (hat, sunglasses, suspenders, drinking), sitting at table with unidentified woman (black hair, sunglasses),  unidentified man, maid in background
6:24 Mrs. Pere Lorentz (large woman, lounging)
6:28 Unidentified woman (young, black hair) [possibly Sonia Levine (Hovey's wife)]
6:32 Erika Mann (smoking cigarette) sitting
6:34 Gene Solow (bald, smoking cigar)
6:39 Thomas Mann (smoking cigar) sitting
6:51 Stream of water and cave with dogs running
7:04 Beach house
7:09 Mrs. McCormick (gray hair, older)
7:16 Color bars
7:35 European footage, filmed by Josef Gorner [?] (b/w)
7:35 AS, Kolisch Quartet (Rudolf Kolisch, Felix Khuner, Eugene Lehner, Benar Heifetz), Josie Kolisch (Rudolf's wife, née Rosanka), and unidentified man on the rooftop in Salzburg?, mid-1920s
8:32 Street scene in Salzburg, including Mozart's birth house
8:53 Color bars
9:14 Mixed doubles tennis, Arnold and Gertrud Schoenberg and Eugene? and Lucca Lehner, late-1930s (negative footage)
10:19 Color bars
12:02 End



(The Honorable) Dorothy Brett:  artist, author, friend of D.H. Lawrence
Richard Buhlig (1880-1952): American pianist
Caroline Fisher: UCLA psychology professor
Ira Gershwin (1896-1983): American lyricist
Edwin Hubble (1889-1953): American astronomer; director of Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasadena
Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962): American poet and dramatist
Kolisch Quartet
- Benar Heifetz (1899-1974): cellist
- Felix Khuner (1906-1991): second violinist
- Rudolf Kolisch (1896-1978): American violinist of Austrian birth; founder of the Kolisch Quartet; AS's brother-in-law
- Eugene Lehner (b. 1906): from 1927-'39 violist of the Kolisch Quartet; later played with the Boston SO
Thomas Mann (1875-1955): German novelist and essayist; lived in the US 1938-'53
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970): British philosopher, mathematician and social reformer; taught at UCLA 1939?-1941
Mischa Seligmann (b. 1921): Son of Maria Seligmann (née Kolisch), Gertrud Schoenberg's sister