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V033: City of Strangers: A Sense of Difference

British Broadcasting Corporation, VHS (NTSC) color (1992), 50:00.

Director: Sue Knussen
Executive producer: Diana Lashmore
Producer: Ann Hummel

Time Description
0:00  Opening credits
0:50 LA cityscape at night, voice over
1:00 beach scene
1:10 various LA landmarks
1:45 Interview with "Peter Sellars, Director, Los Angeles Festival"
1:54 Helicopter view of Beverly Hills
2:04 Footage of WWII
2:24 Interview with "Anna Lee, Actress"
2:59 News clips/war footage
3:30 Interview with "Leon Askin, Actor/Director"
4:00 Interview with "Elfriede Fischinger, Artist"
4:12 News clips, voice over, 1940s film encouraging aliens to register
5:48 Interview with "Norman Lloyd, Actor/Producer"
6:59 Interview with "Nuria Schoenberg Nono, Daughter of Arnold Schoenberg"
7:33 Film clip, "Hitler's Children, 1943"
8:29 Interview with Nuria Schoenberg Nono, recounting her participation in the anti-Nazi film "Prelude to War", clips from this film
9:17 Warner Brothers studios
9:40 Interview with "Gottfried Reinhardt, Writer/Producer"
10:19 News clips, photos, film clips (anti-Nazi films made in Hollywood)
11:08 "Otto Preminger at the National Film Theatre, 1972"
11:50 Film clips/stills
12:20 Interview with Anna Lee
12:30 Clip of Hangmen Also Die (Bertolt Brecht and Fritz Lang, music by Hanns Eisler)
12:38 "Hangmen Also Die, 1943, Director: Bertolt Brecht"
12:46 Anna Lee/film clip
13:45 "North Star, 1943"
14:46 Shots of various film studios and movie posters
15:25 "Casablanca, 1942, Director: Michael Curtiz"
16:41 Fireworks, war end
17:00 Interview with "Marianne Brün, Daughter of actor Fritz Kortner"
17:28 Photo of Brecht and Kortner
17:36 LA street scenes
17:53 Berlin street scenes, photos
18:05 Marianne Brün
18:22 Berlin/Brün
18:42 Thomas Mann photo
18:58 Lion Feuchtwanger photo
19:05 "Norman Lloyd"
19:51 Schoenberg's Rockingham house
20:07 Photo of AS in late years/shots of house interior
20:23 "Nuria Schoenberg Nono"
20:45 Photos of AS composing and of his reconstructed office, music manuscript finished September 23, 1946
21:35 Nuria
21:45 Photo of AS and family
22:00 "Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor"
22:45 "Barbara Zeisl Schoenberg"
23:48 Nuria/photos of children/film footage of Schoenberg at Malibu party (see V034)
24:18 "Christopher Hampton, Author Tales from Hollywood"
24:29 Photos of Stravinsky
24:58 Michael Tilson Thomas
25:20 Christopher Hampton
25:35 Photos of Billy Wilder
25:55 Film clip of "Double Indemnity, 1944, Director: Billy Wilder"
26:43 Photos of Bertolt Brecht
27:16 Christopher Hampton/photos of Brecht
27:55 Gottfried Reinhardt
28:16 Norman Lloyd
28:58 Interview with "Prof. James K. Lyon, Author Bertolt Brecht in America"
29:30 Street scenes of Santa Monica and Hollywood
30:00 "'Hollywood Elegy': Words, Bertolt Brecht; Music, Hanns Eisler"
30:59 "The Unsuspected, 1947"; voice over discussing film noir
31:38 Cityscape, residential sprawl, industry
31:50 Interview with "Mike Davis, Author City of Quartz"
32:20 Various film clips capitalizing on LA's violent image/film noir movie posters
33:32 Interview with "Curt Siodmak, Writer"
34:10 "Double Indemnity, 1944"
35:50 Footage of McCarthy hearings
36:12 Gottfried Reinhardt
36:47 McCarthy hearings
37:11 "The Woman on Pier 13, 1949"
38:24 Marianne Brün
39:00 Gottfried Reinhardt
39:29 James Lyon (on Brecht)
41:02 Photos/footage of Hanns Eisler
41:49 Norman Lloyd
42:08 Speech by Eisler upon his deportation
42:40 LA city scenes
43:25 Michael Tilson Thomas
Photos of Schoenberg and Stravinsky
44:00 Gottfried Reinhardt
44:22 Current school/city scenes
44:45 Peter Sellars/street scenes demonstrating current multi-ethnicity of LA
45:19 LA at night
45:30 Credits
46:20 End
Notes: LA = Los Angeles; AS = Arnold Schoenberg