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V007: Gurre-Lieder

Non-commercial, VHS (NTSC), color (1982), 1:50:00.

Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Seiji Ozawa
Produced by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and WBGH Boston

Time Description
0:00 "Evening at Symphony" presents Schoneberg's Gurre-Lieder, live from Symphony Hall
2:00 Performance of Parts I and II begins
20:22 Rehearsal 44: Waldemar, "So tanzen die Engel"
26:00 Rehearsal 55: Waldemar, "Es ist Mitternachtszeit"
31:30 Rehearsal 65: Tove, "Du sendest mir einen Liebesblick"
36:20 Rehearsal 72: Waldemar, "Du wunderliche Tove"
45:00 Rehearsal 96: Waldtaube's entrance
56:50 End of Part I
57:40 Beginning of Part II
End of Part II
1:05:45 Performance resumes with Part III
1:09:00 Rehearsal 8: Der Bauer's entrance
1:17:00 Rehearsal 31: Waldemar, "Mit Toves Stimme flüstert der Wald"
1:20:05 Rehearsal 39: Klaus Narr's entrance
1:28:30 Rehearsal 66: Men's chorus, "Der Hahn erhebt den Kopf zur Kraht"
1:34:30 Rehearsal 74: Des Sommerwindes wilde Jagd
1:37:20 Rehearsal 79: Speaker's entrance
1:46:55 End of performance, applause, bows.
1:49:30 End of program


Boston Symphony Orchestra
Music Director: Seiji Ozawa
Waldemar: James McCracken
Tove: Jessye Norman
Waldtaube: Tatiana Troyanos
Der Bauer: David Arnold Klaus
Narr: Kim Scown
Speaker: Werner von Klemperer
Tanglewood Festival Chorus, prepared by John Oliver