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V004: Streichtrio, op. 45

Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), color, in German (1987), 59:50.

Writer and director: Paul Fiebig
Director (for trio): Ruth Käch
Performers: Deutsches Streichtrio
Produced by Südwestfunk, Baden-Baden

Time Description
0:00 News story about Wolfram von Eschenbach
3:35 News story about Schoenberg's String Trio begins with an introduction from newscaster
4:15 Story begins: "Arnold Schönberg: Trio für Violine, Viola und Violoncello Op. 45. Einführung in drei Teilen und zwei Episoden von Paul Fiebig"
4:25 "Teil 1: Ich sitze, lese, höre." Trio begins, but Fiebich soon breaks in with commentary. Scene of Fiebich reading the score is overlaid with cartoons/portraits/self-portraits by Schoenberg. Fiebich relates story of Schoenberg's heart attack that immediately preceded the composition of op. 45.
10:25 "1. Episode oder Versuch, das Gehörte beim Namen zu nennen" (begins m. 44). Fiebich watches performers on TV.
Performance pauses at m. 132.
18:00 "Teil 2: Ich höre und mache mir Bilder." Trio begins at m. 133.
21:35 "2. Episode oder Versuch, der Komposition auf die Spur zu kommen."
25:45 After a commentary by Fiebich, the Trio begins at m. 180.
28:40 "Teil 3: Ich höre und versuche, die Vorstellungen, Wörter, Bilder wieder loszuwerden" (continues at m. 208).
34:30 Piece concludes. Performers begin the work once again and play straight through without interruption.
54:20 Piece concludes. Credits.
55:10 Newscaster makes concluding comments and reads the headlines.
59:50 End of recording.