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V071 (& Pioneer Artists PA-91-395): Rudolf Nureyev

Antelope Films Limited/Orfeo Films Limited/Reiner Moritz Associates Limited, 1991, color, 1:30:00.

Available as:

VHS (NTSC) (Public Media Home Vision: NUR 010)
Laserdisc (Pioneer Artists: PA-91-395)Contents

Time Visual
0:00 Footage of Nureyev dancing
1:20 "Nureyev", seascape, voice over
2:29 "Sleeping Beauty (1977)"
3:35 Film footage of rural Russia
4:10 Interview with Nureyev
4:50 Scenes of Russia
5:55 Photos of Nureyev family
6:20 Interview with Nureyev, scenes of Russian village
8:30 Interior of theater
9:15 Photos, interview, folk dancing
Interview with "Razida Evegrafova, Sister"
10:50 Nureyev, countryside
12:00 Elementary school
12:30 Interview with "Taisiam Khalturina, School teacher"
14:00 Folk dancing
15:15 Photos, interview with "Anna Udeltsova, Dance teacher"
17:20 Nureyev, photos
18:20 Scenes of Leningrad, dance class at the Kirov School
20:00 Nureyev, photos
21:50 "Kirov School (1957), Amateur film"
22:15 Nureyev, photos
23:23 Interview with "Natalia Dudinskaya, First partner"
24:22 "La Bayadere, Kirov Ballet"
25:20 Nureyev
27:00 "Paquita, Kirov Ballet"
27:57 Photos, film fragment "Le Corsaire (1958)"
29:00 Natalia Dudinskaya, photos
30:00 Nureyev
30:28 Interview with "Roland Petit, Dancer and choreographer, ex-Director Paris Opera Ballet"
31:00 Scenes of Paris
31:45 Natalia Dudinskaya, interview with "Maude Lloyd"
33:15 Airport in Paris, Nureyev
35:50 Footage of his defection (1961), interview with sister, teacher
36:50 Nureyev dancing
38:25 Nureyev
38:42 Footage of mentor, "Eric Bruhn"
39:30 Interview with "Dame Margot Fonteyn", photos
41:00 Interview with Nureyev from 1960s, footage of him dancing, "Casse Noisette (1961)"
42:10 Interview with "Dame Ninette de Valois, Founder of the Royal Ballet"
43:00 Footage of "Giselle (1963)"
46:45 Interview with "David Wall, Director, Royal Academy of Dancing"
47:00 Footage of Nureyev teaching dance class
47:45 Nureyev dancing "Swan Lake (1966)"
48:45 Interview with Ninette de Valois
49:30 Interview with David Wall
50:20 Interview with Margot Fonteyn, Nureyev, photos
52:30 Footage of "Marguerite and Armand (1977)"
57:00 Photos, interview with Nureyev, footage from the 1960s
59:50 "Swan Lake (1966)"
1:01:00 "Casse Noisette (1968) with Merle Park"
1:06:30 Programs
1:07:00 Nureyev, photos
1:07:50 "Apollo (1973)"
1:09:20 Nureyev
1:11:30 "Pierrot lunaire (1977)"
1:13:00 Nureyev
1:13:25 "Aureole (1978) with Vivi Flindt, Eva Kloborg, Anne Sonnerup"
1:14:20 Footage of Nureyev as director and dancer of "Don Quixote (1973)"
1:16:15 "Swine Lake (1977) with Miss Piggy"
1:16:50 Scenes of Paris ballet, interview with "Sylvie Guillem"
1:18:30 "Cinderella (1978) with Sylvie Guillem and Charles Jude"
1:19:00 Interview with Roland Petit
1:21:00 Footage of Nureyev returning to Russia
1:22:30 Interview with "Marina Vivien, Curator" of the Kirov museum, photos
1:23:20 Interviews with Natalia Dudinskaya and Marina Vivien and Anna Udeltsova
1:25:00 Scenes of Leningrad, interview with Nureyev
1:28:00 Credits
1:29:45 End


Narrator: Cliff Morgan
Pianist: Philip Gammon
Programme Consultant: Maude Lloyd
Research: Tristram Holland, Madonna Benjamin
Russian Translation: Judy Farnworth
English voices: Lila Kaye, Vivian Pickles
Executive Producer: Mick Csaky
Producer and Director: Patricia Foy