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Aufnahmedatum: 1951 March 3
Dauer: 1:46
Beschreibung: Letter in English. On the publication of Schoenberg's Ode to Napoleon, op. 41, String trio, op. 45, and Phantasy, op. 47.
Signatur: 101/R7
Publikationen: keine


[Die herausgeh
obenen Stellen fehlen auf der Aufnahme.]
Arnold Schoenberg
116 N. Rockingham Avenue
Los Angeles 2-4-49, California
March32, 1951
[sic, i.e. 1951?]

Mr. Ross Russell
Dial Records, Inc.
520 West 50th Street
New York 19, N.Y.

Mister: You.... In spite of my protest, you have published Leibowitz' performance of my Ode to Napoleon with a woman's voice, which I find terrible. (...behind the orchestra...) I can only tell you now, that you will hear from me. You will, I can tell you, you will regret this act severely. I will be busy to help you to be ruined by this what I will do....
Some of the instruments in small.... You are not only a...
(paragraph) You are not only a man who disregards an artist's wishes, his artistic beliefs, you are also a man who does not care to keep a contract. You know that you signed a contract, according to which you have to account to me regularly. You must have sold quite a number of records of my Violin Phantasy, of the Trio, and other things which you... but which you issued without my consent. I tell you, you will hear from me also about these things, and I hope it will cost you very much money.
Arnold Schoenberg

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