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V045: Los Angeles History Project: Upon First Impression

KCET Los Angeles, color (1988), 26:00.

U-Matic (NTSC)Broadcast 9 May 1988

Credits shown below.

Time Description
0:00 Scenes of Los Angeles, comparing various periods of the 20th century
1:00 Native Americans' habitation in southern California; impressions of 18th-century explorers; city founded in 1781 (Pueblo de Los Angeles).
3:00 America claimed California as the 31st state in 1850. Narrator describes natural barriers to development. Harbor created in 1890; Edison's motion picture machine captured town events in 1890s.
6:00 Creation of water supply, Mulholland's aquaduct. Union disagreements, battles with capitalists (Harrison Gray Otis at LA Times), bombing in 1910.
8:25 Interview with Otis Chandler, grandson of LA Times editor Harry Chandler.
9:10 Growth of LA in 1920s, ethnic diversity.
10:05 Interview with Luis Valdez, Hispanic playwright
10:50 Scenes of downtown LA, Chinese heritage
Interview with Sue Embry; she recalls Japanese internment during WWII.
13:05 Growth of LA's black community
13:50 Interview with LA mayor Tom Bradley
14:50 Émigrés from Europe came during WWII. Notable composers included Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg. Other artists included Thomas Mann and Alduous Huxley, and architect Richard Neutra.
16:10 Interview with Neutra's widow.
17:00 Early Hollywood scenes, Chaplin, D.W. Griffith, etc.
18:45 Public transportation was plentiful in first half of century. First freeways were built in 1940s. 19th-century traces slowly disappear.
20:30 Interview with artist Leo Politti, who painted many residences on Bunker Hill.
22:15 Warehouse in downtown LA with decades of LA memorabilia
22:50 Recap of themes
23:40 Credits
26:10 End


Written and produced by Jon Wilkman
Narrated by Robert Stack
Associate producers: Kerry Neal and Lill Morrison
Los Angeles History Project Manager: Margaret Bach
Project Executive: Julian Fowles
Senior Executive Producer: Tom Thompson
Executive in Charge: Stephen Kulczycki
Executive Producer: Jim Kennedy
A KCET Production

Copies of this film may be purchased through:
KCET Video
4401 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90027
(213) 668-9541