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V019: "His Evolution"

VHS (NTSC), non-commercial (1988), color, 30:00.

Designed and produced by Lawrence Schoenberg and Nuria Schoenberg-Nono

Time Description
0:00 "Arnold Schoenberg, 'My Evolution,' November 29, 1949 at 4 P.M., Royce Auditorium, UCLA; Verklärte Nacht plays in background
0:35 "At the Royce Auditorium lecture the music examples were projected with lantern slides on a large screen while the music examples were played on a phonograph."
0:45 Photos of AS, Man Ray photograph of AS, photo of AS walking into Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA
2:00 Voice recording of Schoenberg's speech, accompanied by various photos of Schoenberg and his friends and influential figures
6:45 Musical and visual examples of VN; AS's speech continues
9:10 VN, ex. 3, demonstrating "Wagnerian influence"
10:15 Ex. 4, further Wagnerisms in VN
11:16 AS's speech continues; painting, ex. 5
Photos of Richard Strauss and his family, Gustav Mahler, title page of Pelleas und Melisande
13:20 Ex. 6 from PM
14:50 Exx. 7 and 8 from PM
16:15 AS discusses rhythmic concerns, ex. 9 from PM
18:20 Ex. 10, extended tonality
19:30 AS discusses his Kammersymphonie, op. 9, and the "emancipation of the dissonance"; Red Gaze; role of the subconscious
21:00 More photos of AS; Self-Portraits
29:25 "The photographs used in this video are from the Arnold Schoenberg Institute collection. All paintings shown are by Arnold Schoenberg."


Notes: AS = Arnold Schoenberg; PM = Pelleas und Melisande; VN = Verklärte Nacht